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Book launch: this food thing

flying monkey and The Elbow Room Therapies Centre present

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A collection of delicious healthy recipes by local author Ros Barresi

Ribizli Cafe, 53 St Mary's St, Wallingford OX10 0ER

An informal get together for anyone who loves food, nutrition and complementary therapies.

HI, My name is Ros Barresi

I have wanted to write and produce a cook book for ages… I come from a strong Italian family so food is important to me - especially good, healthy food.

For nearly 20 years, I have been very lucky to have been working in health and wellbeing as a complementary therapist and nutritionist. In the future I’d like to include more writing on health and lifestyle, so for me a cookbook was the most natural way to start. It has certainly created a lot of conversation, and it has been a real pleasure creating the recipes and talking to people about them.

Join me at the launch on 18 May at Ribizli Cafe and you’ll get to taste some great food and meet like minded people in a wonderful relaxing setting.

FREE: Ribizli is providing vegan snacks inspired by Ros’s recipes (while supplies last)

Organised by flying monkey and The Elbow Room Therapies Centre

Venue: Rbizli Vegan Cafe Bookseller: The Wallingford Bookshop

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Point Meeting One
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Point Meeting One

The Elbow Room and flying monkey have teamed up to run a series of events. classes and talks. Point Meeting One was the first of these events and was held at the Ribizli Cafe at 53 St Mary's St, Wallingford.

This first meeting covered some of the different methods we can all use to enhance and maintain our physical and mental wellbeing in our fast paced modern world.

The Importance of Meditation talk by Emma Pearson followed by a

Chakra Cleansing and Guided Meditation by Emma Pearson

Past Life Regression Talk by Zanne Montgomery

Crystals and Their Energy Talk by Jay Aggett

We ended the meeting with a Grounding Session by Emma Pearson

For more information about future Elbow Room / flying monkey events please join our Point Facebook Group, sign up for our mailing list or visit

Thank you to Timi and all her staff at Ribizli for providing lovely drinks and cakes and for their wonderful hospitality.

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