Indian Head Massage

This massage concentrates on the specific areas of your head, neck and shoulders. Massage techniques are applied to help relieve tense muscles which can cause migraines and poor posture.

20mins £20.00 / 30mins £30.00

Mukhabhyanga Facial Massage

This relaxing massage is applied to the facial area in order to promote the skins natural collagen production and retain a healthy natural glow.

30mins £30.00 / 45mins £45.00

Padabhyanga (foot) /
Hastabhyanga (hand)

Using warm oil, massage strokes are applied to relieve tension in the muscles or aching joints.

30mins £30.00 / 45mins £45.00

Pristabhyanga Back Massage

With warm oil massage techniques are applied to help with localised pain and stiffness in your back.

30mins £30.00 / 45mins £45.00

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

This is a full body massage using warm oils and can be a soft relaxing experience (abhayanga) or deep tissue (vishesh) for those tensed body areas. Indian head massage included.

60mins £60.00 / 90mins £90.00

Couples Massage and treatments

Couples massage and treatments are available here at The Elbow Room. Discounts will be available on same priced treatments.

Call Emma for prices and booking 07920 464865 or email us.


Only organic ingredients are applied to the skin in our facials. This is a relaxing treatment involving facial massage to promote healthy glowing skin.

30mins £30.00 / 60mins £60.00


Reiki is a natural healing system that is performed by placing hands on or over the body. Energy is channelled through the therapist onto the client. This is a relaxing treatment that can promote healing on many levels.

60mins £45.00

Distant Reiki healing

This treatment can be performed in the comfort of your home via Skype or FaceTime. Reiki can be sent with good intention to facilitate healing within you.

60mins £45

Chakra Cleansing

Reiki techniques are used to clear any issues that may be blocking your energy flow within your chakra system.

60mins £60.00

Distant Chakra cleansing

This distant treatment addresses the blockages within your chakras that are caused from past issues in your life. Releasing these will leave you feeling lighter and promote a healthy restored balance of energy within your energetic system.

60mins £60

Udvartana Powder Massage

This is a fast paced and invigorating massage using specially blended powdered herbs which help to eliminate toxins from your body and exfoliate your skin.

60mins £70.00 / 90mins £100.00


This massage uses warm poultices filled with herbs that are massaged onto the skin. This is particularly beneficial for conditions such as arthritis and specific areas of tension. This is a great alternative to hot stone massage.

45mins £60.00

Seated Accupressure Chair Massage

This is a treatment where you are fully clothed and seated in a specially designed chair. We use a combination of massage and acupressure

techniques on your back, neck and shoulders, arms, hands and scalp to relieve tension in your muscles.

25mins £15.00

Swedish Back Massage

This classic massage uses some invigorating percussion movements to relieve tension in the muscles of your back.

30mins £30.00

Swedish Full Body

This classic massage involves using some invigorating percussion movements to help relieve tension in your tight muscles.

60mins £55.00 / 90mins £85.00

The Elbow Room Special Massage

This is a 50min body massage treatment. Does not include Indian head massage or massage to the stomach and face.

50mins £45.00

Sports Massage

Sports massage is aimed at releasing tension in a specific area after a careful consultation in which your needs are discussed.

30mins £30.00 / 60mins £60.00


Want to know more?

We have a wide range of services on offer so if you don’t know which might be best for you call Emma for a free consultation. Emma can discuss any concerns and issues you may have and offer a treatment tailored to your specific needs.
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