Ros Barresi, a complementary therapist, joined The Elbow Room in 2018.

To book the treatments below please call Ros on 07968 785165 or Emma on 07920 464865.


This is a treatment that started thousands of years ago in Ancient China. It works similarly to Acupuncture and Shiatsu linking meridians, organs and zones. If a problem or ailment arises then it will show up in the foot and can be worked so that the body can help to heal this ailment naturally. If the area is tender then it generally means there is a problem and so working this area throughout the treatment enables healing to take place. It is important to remember that all areas of the feet need to be treated.

I am currently volunteering at the cancer centre at Royal Berkshire Hospital for a cancer charity offering reflexology. The charity is called My Cancer My Choice and is based at Bracknell Healthspace too.

60min £50.00

Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is ideal to rebalance and boost your immune system and can work with foot reflexology or as a stand alone therapy to help with ailments.

60mins £50.00

Sports massage

This is a treatment that is not only for sports people but is very much helpful in healing strained muscles and ridges in muscle groups. These can develop after hard training as well as minor injuries that need to be treated straight away. I provide treatments at your home or at your office.

Sports massage comprises of deep intricate work with the thumbs and fingers applying very hard pressure enabling toxins to leave the area and bring about fresh blood and nutrients to enable healing quickly and efficiently.

30mins £30.00 / 60mins £50.00

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a very special therapy that originated from India to help women take care of their hair. It was passed down to generations and taught by grandmothers and mothers in all regions of India. It was brought over to the UK by Narendra Mehta in the eighties, and many colleges and schools taught it because it is so beneficial as a therapy and worked on the head which treatments at the time did not use.

It works by the client sitting on a normal chair, and the head, face, shoulders, arms and upper back are worked on.

What makes Indian head massage so wonderful is that it works on many pressure points enabling extreme relaxation to take place. The balance is created by working gently and subtly but in all, this is a most powerful treatment and you may feel completely taken away from your present space.

30mins £30.00

Remedial Massage

This is manipulation of the soft tissues and is very beneficial on a therapeutic level.

It can be relaxing but stimulating at the same time. It has many properties because of the way it works the muscles and helps to re-align them. Massage especially benefits the body when it is recovering from old injuries, which give off referred pain. The main benefits of remedial massage are increased circulation, improvement of scar tissue and reduced muscle tension.

30mins £30.00 / 60mins £50.00

Pregnancy Massage

Massage for pregnancy is beneficial because of the major changes a woman encounters when going through her pregnancy. The baby grows and grows to make the body weaken in certain areas such as the spine and pelvis. The back can suffer tremendously and so massage is a wonderful way to relax, enabling it to get into a comfortable zone.

A woman can experience pure equilibrium when she is being massaged during pregnancy and therefore she can make the most of such a treatment because doing normal things like sleeping and moving requires a lot of effort on a daily basis.

Massage can alleviate some of the pains by grounding and relaxing, so it is ideal for some women to have the occasional treatment and so that her body isn’t struggling with the pregnancy and the extra weight and changes.

30mins £50.00 / 90mins £75.00

Ear Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture or Auricular acupuncture is a treatment that has been derived from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Using the NADA five-point protocol, it can be used for stress, depression, anxiety and substance misuse. As well as smoking cessation. These five points can be used all together or several at a time, to help alleviate all the ailments mentioned. A series of treatments are recommended but this can also be used in group sessions to promote wellbeing, help with smoking cessation and reduce anxiety.

60mins £50.00


Want to know more about treatment by Ros?

If you don’t know which might be best for you call Ros for a free consultation. Ros can discuss any concerns and issues you may have and offer a treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Ros 07968 785165

or Emma 07920 464865.

Home visits can be booked by telephone.

This Food Thing

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This is a cook book that is simple, easy and delicious.

It doesn’t have a lot of ingredients and therefore is a great tool to use when in a hurry…Enjoy!

Written and photographed by Ros Barresi. Limited edition 36pp full colour softcover. £8.

Email Ros to order or call on 07968 785165. Also available at The Wallingford Bookshop, 10c St Martins St, Wallingford OX10 0AL.